Colonial Canopy Trees Plants 24 New Trees

To celebrate the end of Earth Week in proper fashion, Colonial Canopy Trees (CCT) planted 24 new trees throughout Whitemarsh and Plymouth Townships this past weekend. Check out the photo gallery here!

We recently became an official Tree Tenders group through the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society. This program requires at least three individuals from a group to take a short course on tree planting and care. After completing the course, that group is able to purchase large, bare-root trees in the Spring and Fall each year for a great price.

For Spring 2021, Whitemarsh Township purchased 14 trees, and CCT purchased 10. We rallied volunteers to help plant all 24 trees over two days. Girl Scouts Troop 7511 planted 5 trees at Koontz Park and 5 trees at Plymouth Elementary. We presented a short PowerPoint presentation about tree planting and care to the Girl Scouts troops and their parents prior to the planting event, and gave a planting demonstration in person. We hope the girls learned a lot and enjoyed the great work that they did! The remainder of the trees were planted by local volunteers.

In addition to our volunteers, we would like to thank everyone else who made this project possible. Thank you to Whitemarsh Township for planting 14 trees and showing commitment to greening our community. Thank you to Whitemarsh Parks staff for helping dig, water, and mulch the new trees. Lastly, Thank you to our donors who contributed to Colonial Canopy Trees and this project.

For an interactive map of planting locations and species, click here and type in “Colonial Canopy Tree Tenders” in the search.

Here is the list of locations of the 24 trees:

Leeland Park:

  • 3x Zelkova serrata ‘Green Vase’Japanese Zelkova
  • Acer freemanii ‘Autumn Blaze’Freeman’s Maple

Valley Green Park:

  • 2x Acer freemanii ‘Autumn Blaze’ – Freeman’s maple
  • 3x Platanus occidentalis – American Sycamore

Koontz Park:

  • 3x Gymnocladus dioicus – Kentucky Coffee Tree ‘Espresso’
  • 2x Betula nigra River Birch

Colonial School District:

  • 2x Zelkova serrata ‘Green Vase’Japanese Zelkova PWHS sign along Germantown Pike
  • 3x Acer freemanii ‘Autumn Blaze’ Freeman’s Maple Hybrid – Victory Fields (above JV softball)
  • 3x Acer saccharum ‘Autumn Fest’ Sugar Maple – Plymouth Elementary near parking lot
  • 2x Platanus occidentalis American Sycamore – Plymouth Elementary along Plymouth Road

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