Current Projects

Here are some projects we worked on last year!

Mather Mill Riparian Restoration

30+ trees planted in November 2021! – Photo Gallery

Including: American Sycamore, American Sweetgum, Baldcypress, River Birch, Maples and Pussy Willows!

Sandwood Park Forest Restoration – Plymouth Township

25+ of our trees plantedPhoto Gallery

Including: Red Oak, Tulip Tree, White Oak, Dawn Redwood, Flowering Dogwood

Bicentennial Park – Plymouth Township

7 total trees planted

Including: Swamp White Oak, Maples, Eastern Redbud, Red Oak and Pussy Willows

Colonial School District & PHS Tree Tenders

24 total trees planted on April 24th and 25th, 2021 – Photo Gallery

Including: Freeman’s Maple ‘Autumn Blaze’, Kentucky Coffeetree, River Birch, Japanese Zelkova and Sugar Maple

Whitemarsh Woods – Lafayette Hill

23 of our trees plantedPhoto Gallery

Including: Eastern Redbud, Washington Hawthorn, American Elm, Red Oak, Honeylocust

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