Current Projects

Here are some projects that we are currently working on!

Harriet Wetherill Park – Plymouth Township

23 trees planted

Photos: October 2021 event, April 2022 event, April 2022 TT event, May 2022 event, January 2023 event

At HWP, we’ve planted 23 native trees, and upwards of 30 small whips through the Keystone 10 million tree program. Our trees are located along the main path by the stream, in the woods and near the butterfly meadow. We’ve worked to remove many invasive species from this park as well. Click above for more information!

Valley Green Park – Whitemarsh

18 trees planted

Photos: April 2021 event, November 2022 event

At Valley Green Park, we’ve planted 18 native trees, include 13 in 2022. Since Colonial Canopy Trees is a PHS Tree Tenders group, the trees were purchased by Whitemarsh Township through us. Whitemarsh Township also waters each of these trees throughout the growing season.

Wells Street Woods – Whitemarsh

Invasive species removal, 9 native trees / shrubs planted

Photos: October 2022 event

At the Wells Street Trail / Woods, we worked with volunteers, the township, high school students, and others to remove invasive plants and vines and to plant native trees and shrubs. We planted a few oaks, eastern redbuds (Cercis canadensis) and spicebush (Lindera benzoin).

Fort Washington State Park

Invasive species removal, 10+ native trees planted

Photos: June 2022 event, September 2022 event, October 2022 event, November 2022 event

Starting in 2022, we partnered up with the Friends of Fort Washington State Park and park staff to remove invasive vines like oriental bittersweet from mature native trees. We also worked to remove invasive shrubs like privet, honeysuckle, burning bush and multiflora rose. We planted 11 native trees at the Flourtown Day Use area part of the park to help restore canopy from lost ash trees. Lastly, we partnered up with the Disc Golf Course to plant native trees and shrubs along the course.

Mather Mill Riparian Restoration

60+ native trees and shrubs planted, invasives removed!

Photos: November 2021 event, December 2022 event

We’re planting native, water-loving trees in this flood-prone riparian zone in Whitemarsh Township. We’ve planted small trees like Pussy Willows, Hawthorns and Redbuds near the powerlines, and large canopy trees further back. We’re also removing invasives like Bamboo and Mugwort, and we’re leaving a small area for native herbaceous perennials as a meadow. This area will be mowed once per year.

Miles Park – Whitemarsh Township

15+ native trees planted including 6 oak trees!

Photos: October 2021 event, November 2021 event, September 2022 event

Colonial Canopy Trees works closely with Whitemarsh Township to plant trees on public lands. Miles Park is perhaps the most popular public park in the township, so planting new trees to expand upon the park’s canopy is very important to us! Many trees were funded by local residents through our Oak Tree Fundraiser!

Sandwood Park Forest Restoration – Plymouth Township

25+ native trees planted since 2020!

October 2020 event, August 2021 event, October 2021 event,

Sandwood Park is an undeveloped natural park in Plymouth Township. It includes a remnant sliver of forest from before the Cardinal View neighborhood was developed. Some mature oaks, hickories, cherries and maples are present already, but years of mowing has prevented forest regeneration. As the mature trees continue to decline, we’re working to restore native trees to rebuild the forest canopy and understory.

Bicentennial Park – Plymouth Township

15+ native trees planted, riparian buffer restoration, invasive removal

May 2021 event, November 2022 event

This park contains a section of the Sawmill Run creek. We’re working to restore this riparian zone that has been hit hard by the Emerald Ash Borer and invasive plants. We’ve planted large, water-loving species like American sycamore, swamp white oak, pin oak, and silver maple along the stream. We’re working with Plymouth Township to cease mowing in certain areas to allow for native herbaceous plants to return and provide more deep-rooted vegetation.

Whitemarsh Woods – Whitemarsh

50+ trees planted since 2020

October 2020 event, October 2021 event, November 2022 event

Colonial Canopy Trees works closely with the Whitemarsh Woods HOA to restore native tree coverage in common areas throughout the neighborhood including along Germantown Pike. In addition to improving privacy and noise screening, valuable native hardwoods like oaks, hickories and beech were planted. WW has allocated funds to budget for more native trees each year, and CCT helps choose species and organize volunteer events!

Past Projects

Colonial School District

10 total trees planted in Spring 2021 – Photo Gallery

We worked with the Colonial School District and local girl scouts troops to plant 10 native trees at Colonial School District properties. Five trees were planted at Plymouth Elementary, 2 at PWHS, and 3 near Victory Fields. We continue to provide care to these trees.

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