Current Projects

Here are some projects that we are currently working on!

Mather Mill Riparian Restoration

30+ trees planted in November 2021Photo Gallery

We’re planting native, water-loving trees in this flood-prone riparian zone in Whitemarsh Township. We’ve planted small trees like Pussy Willows, Hawthorns and Redbuds near the powerlines, and large canopy trees further back.

Whitemarsh Township Parks

35+ trees planted since 2020

Colonial Canopy Trees works closely with Whitemarsh Township to plant trees on public lands. Whitemarsh Township has purchased close to 40 trees for their parks last year, and CCT helps get them in the ground by organizing volunteer events.

Sandwood Park Forest Restoration – Plymouth Township

25+ of our trees planted since 2020 – Photo Gallery

Sandwood Park is an undeveloped natural park in Plymouth Township. Mature Oaks, Hickories, Cherries and Maples are present already, but years of mowing has prevented forest regeneration. We’re working to mulch large areas under mature trees, plant the next generation of canopy trees, and restore the understory brush by removing invasives and planting native shrubs and wildflowers.

Bicentennial Park – Plymouth Township

10+ total trees planted since 2020

This park contains a section of the Sawmill Run creek. We’re working to restore this riparian zone that has been hit hard by the Emerald Ash Borer and invasive plants. We’re planting large canopy trees like Swamp White Oaks and Sycamores, and installing smaller trees like Pussy Willows and Silky Dogwoods along the creek bed to reduce erosion and flooding.

Whitemarsh Woods – Lafayette Hill

40+ trees planted since 2020 – Photo Gallery

Colonial Canopy Trees works closely with the Whitemarsh Woods HOA to restore native tree coverage in common areas throughout the neighborhood, improve privacy and noise screening along Germantown Pike, and to remove invasvive species. WW has allocated funds to budget for more native trees each year, and CCT helps choose species and organize volunteer events!

Past Projects

Colonial School District

10 total trees planted in Spring 2021 – Photo Gallery

We worked with the Colonial School District and local girl scouts troops to install 10 native trees on CSD properties. Five trees were planted at Plymouth Elementary, 2 at PWHS, and 3 near Victory Fields.

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