Colonial Canopy Trees Plants 24 New Trees

To celebrate the end of Earth Week in proper fashion, Colonial Canopy Trees (CCT) planted 24 new trees throughout Whitemarsh and Plymouth Townships this past weekend. Check out the photo gallery here! We recently became an official Tree Tenders group through the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society. This program requires at least three individuals from a groupContinue reading “Colonial Canopy Trees Plants 24 New Trees”

2020 Planting Season Totals & Summary

A Closer Look at Trees Planted After our official launch in summer of 2020, we quickly got to planting and restoring trees in the Plymouth, Conshohocken and Whitemarsh areas! In total, we planted 49 new trees: Planting native trees offers many benefits to birds, insects and other wildlife. We planted a good variety of nativeContinue reading “2020 Planting Season Totals & Summary”