Meet Our Team

Andrew Conboy

A passion for trees and their many benefits led Andrew to create Colonial Canopy Trees in 2020. Andrew hopes to inspire local change surrounding tree planting and natural lands restoration. He is an ISA Certified Arborist (PD-2966A) and studied Environmental Science at Chestnut Hill College and Evolutionary Biology in Graduate School at Lehigh University.

Favorite Native Tree: White Oak


Karen Kabnick

After retiring in 2020, Karen wanted to do everything she could to help mitigate the damages of climate change and habitat destruction. Karen met Andrew at a volunteer event and was thrilled to learn he, too, loved to rescue and nurture seedlings of native trees. They shared that hobby. She learned all about the countless benefits of trees and how to plant them from Andrew, friends, courses and reading, and wanted to use her new-found knowledge to help Andrew with Colonial Canopy Trees to restore our local canopy and re-establish wildlife habitats. 

Favorite Native Trees:

Shagbark Hickory (for its bark)
Honeylocust (for its leaves)

All native trees are my favorite! They all serve their ecological role for humans and local wildlife! Thank you, trees!

Trish McArthur

Trish has always enjoyed flowers, plants and wildlife. Last Spring, she began working to restore the ecosystem in her own yard by planting native plants, flowers and trees and by removing non-native and invasive species. This passion soon spread outwards into her community where she met Andrew, who offered her a few trees for a local park project. After working with both Andrew and Karen during several planting events, Trish joined the Colonial Canopy Trees team!

Favorite Native Tree: Sassafras

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