Help Us Restore.

Colonial Canopy Trees is a non-profit organization seeking to restore our native forest canopy and improve our local suburban environment. With the help of our donors and volunteers, we plant seedling and sapling trees and care for mature ones in the Colonial School District area.

Do you need some trees in your area? Reach out to us!

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All donations are used for tree planting efforts in the Colonial School District area. Make a donation below.

Volunteer With Us

Help us plant new trees or care for older ones! Sign up for an upcoming event on our events page.

Donate your unwanted tree seedlings from your property to our nursery. We can supply the pots!

Why Plant Trees?

Trees offer many solutions to the environmental issues of our time. They are powerful tools for fighting climate change, they improve our mental and physical health, and they beautify our neighborhoods, cities and parks. Trees also provide food and shelter to native insects, birds and wildlife. Learn more about the benefits of trees below.

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