Help us Plant Trees!

All of our funds are donated by tree stewards like you. We spend 100% of our donations on trees, protective fencing or other tree-related equipment.

We are completely transparent with our donations and spending. All transaction details can be found on our Public Spreadsheet, in the ‘Monetary Donations’ and ‘Spending’ tabs.

We currently accept cash, Venmo and Cash App donations. We are working on adding more options soon!

If you would like us to follow up with you about what we spend your donation on, please fill out this form.

$5 will help us buy 3 small, 6in seedlings that we will grow in our nursery.

$25 will plant at least one 3′ tree and protect it from wildlife damage.

$100 will help us buy at least five 3′ trees and protect them from wildlife!

Cash App: $ColonialCanopyTrees

Venmo: Andrew-Conboy-4

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