Donate Seedlings

At Colonial Canopy Trees, we accept seedling / sapling donations! If you have any unwanted native trees, we’d be happy to find a place within our community to plan them.

Instead of mowing or weeding seedlings out of your garden, consider transplanting them into a nursery pot and donating them to us! After we grow them for a year or so, we will find a permanent home for them.

This provides us with a source of free local, native trees! They are more likely to survive and thrive in our area because they may possess the genetics that are best adapted here, as opposed to coming from faraway nurseries.

How to Transplant a Seedling

1. Identify Your Tree Seedling

We’ll need to identify your seedling or sapling to make sure it’s not an invasive species. If you need help identifying, see below!

2. Obtain a Nursery Pot

Prepare a nursery pot (with holes) that is large enough for your seedling. Fill about 1/4 of the pot with soil before digging your seedling.

3. Dig Your Seedling

Carefully dig out your seedling, preserving as much of the root structure as possible, and minimizing root exposure to the air.

4. Fill Nursery Pot

Place your seedling into the nursery pot and fill with soil to cover the roots. Gently tamp down the soil to minimize air pockets.

5. Water!

Have a watering can or hose ready. Give your seedling plenty of water to wet all roots and soil. This helps reduce the stress of transplanting.

6. Good to go!

Set your tree in the shade if transplanted on a hot summer day. Water each day.

If you need nursery pots, let us know by sending an email to! We can provide pots of various sizes.

We seek seedlings and saplings of species that are native to PA (or the eastern US). If you are unsure of the kind of tree you have found, snap a photo and send it to us at so we can try to help you identify it.

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