Whitemarsh Township Parks Oak Tree Fundraiser

Help Support Whitemarsh Township’s Tree Canopy!

Help plant native Oak trees in township parks (with a focus on Miles Park) by donating to this fundraiser! These trees will provide shade and fresh air for park-goers for generations to come.

Donate below! So far, we have raised enough to plant 6 new oak trees!

Oak Tree Fundraising Plan:

For every $125 raised, we will plant one native oak tree in a township park, starting with Miles. These trees will be planted along Joshua Road and Germantown Pike.

Your tax-deductible donation will help bring more canopy coverage to our area. These trees will provide shade, clean our air, reduce flooding and sequester carbon.

Oaks provide many benefits to wildlife. In addition to supporting over 500 species of moths and butterflies, Oaks provide food and shelter to birds and mammals.

Donation Options:

To make a Debit / Credit Card or PayPal donation, click the ‘Donate’ button above.

To make a Cash App or Venmo donation, send to the usernames above.

Please include your email in the comments of your donation so we can more easily send a donation receipt.

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